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Pics of Me
TJ Plays Piano

My name is TJ, and here are some more things about me that may be of interest of you. 

I'm 22 and currently attending college in the Midwest. I'm mostly a Homestuck person, but I'm a big fan of other things as well. Recently the SNK anime has caught my attention, I still cling to the Invader Zim fandom, and I still try to play arrow smashing games (DDR/ITG) every once in a while.

Here's a paragraph about music because music is awesome. I play both piano and trumpet, and there are a couple recordings on my blog. As far as what I listen to, my favorite genre is progressive. Some of my favorite include Dream Theater, Transatlantic, Frost*. Of course I listen to a ton Homestuck music as well. I like to think that I have a pretty open mind as well, so I'll listen to anything that catches my ear.

I got into cosplay late 2011, and I've been spending much of my time on that ever since. Check my cosplay page for a list of what I've done. I try to attend many cons in my immediate area. The cons I'm always sure to go to are Anime Milwaukee, Anime Detour, and Anime Central, but I usually go to any more that I can afford.

Skype: implode573
Chumhandle: arrowSmasher
Livestream: implodenow
Invader Zim blog: zimages
Dream Theater blog: dreamtheaterforums
NSFW blog: no

If you're going to ask about my light up Sollux glasses, here is a brief explanation, and I might do something more in detail later.